Fantasia Strawberry Lemonade

16 Feb

Today I will be reviewing Fantasias Strawberry Lemonade Tobacco.

Set up used:  Chinese Hookah










Coals:  Quick Light, Three Kings

This is another juicy, bright red and great smelling tobacco








(looks just like the Candy Cane tobacco)

The flavor is strong, loads of lemonade citrus with a mellow strawberry blast. On the inhale with smoke rolling over your tongue its like sucking on a strawberry lemonade sucker, with a nice flavor on the exhale.  This one leaves you with a sugar like after taste and does tend to make your saliva thicker.










As you can see the smoke is nice and thick

The other great thing I love about Fantasia line is how the juice will flow into the vase and give you an added flavor when the smoke draws through the water.

Smoke Time: 1.5 hours

Flavor: 7.5

Smoke: 8

Buzz: 7

Large quantity purchase?  Not large, but I will be purchasing more for sure.

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