CAO- America








Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and Shade

Binder/Filler: Brazil…..Ligero from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Italy, and USA

Size: 5 x 56

Age: Few months

Smoking Location- Ghetto Smoke Shack

Cut Method- Dual Blade

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper is smooth and consistent and very appealing to the eye.  The construction of the “barber pole” is fantastic, the colors from the bands is great.   The lighter strip through out the stick is not an even size, smaller in some areas and wider in others.  Upon smelling the stick I was overwhelmed with an almost hay like smell, pre draw was tasty with a bit of spice.

After the light:

Method- 3 flame torch

This lit very easily and even, first thing I was watching for was an inconsistent burn due to the two different wrappers, but I was proved wrong.  I was not expecting such a “nutty” flavor with this stick due to the first initial smell and pre draw, the first 1/3 of this stick hits me as a medium body.

The middle kicked it up a notch and hit me as a medium/full cigar, the flavor changed and hit me as earthy with hints of leather.  This continued through the rest of the stick and by the last 1/3 would say it worked its way to a full bodied cigar.

Ash length- 4 inches  (had a great picture but all my pictures seem to have been erased)

Flavor- 7

Draw- 7.5

Construction- 8

Appearance- 8.0

Box Worthy?  Maybe a 5er, but at a cost of around $8.00, I did not enjoy it enough to pop off on a full box.


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You Choose!!!

Well I figured I would let you choose what cigar to review today.  I will keep the voting open until 5:00 P.M Central.

Choices are

CAO America


Gurkha Centurian



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Drew Estate – La Vieja Habana

Wrapper: Cuban Corojo

Binder/Filler: Esteli & Jalapa Valley, Nicaragua

Size: 6 x 54

Age: 3 years

Purchased at:  Was gifted by a fellow BOTL

Smoking Location- Ghetto Smoke Shack

Cut Method- Dual Blade

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper was a little rough looking, with medium veins that were almost black in color. The wrapper had a sweet, almost chocolate like flavor and cedar/woody at the foot.  The pre-light draw was decent and filled my mouth with the same taste as I smelled.  Squeezing the cigar was med in tension and bumpy.

After the light:

Method- Cedar Match (3)

Lit nice and even, producing a thin but flavorful smoke of tobacco with a hint of spice but not to bad. As it smoked down the flavor changed to semi sweet, almost like a dark chocolate and falls in the medium body range. Very impressed with the first 1/3 of this stick.

Ash length- 1.5 inches

Last half of cigar was basically the same, the sweetness was a little more prominent and spices seemed to come and go, the smoke turned nice and rich and creamy and higher in volume.  I can not complain about this stick at all really, I wish it had a little more complex.  I also with I would have taken more pictures, I will admit I was engulfed in the cigar even though its not very complex.

Flavor- 6.5

Draw- 7.0

Construction- 6.5

Appearance- 8.0

Box Worthy?  Hell yes, this could very well turn into an every day smoke, its a great price point at 3-4 bucks a stick on average.


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Hello World

I will be making my first post with in the next day.  Please do not hesitate to leave any comments, I would love to hear your thoughts and any constructive criticism you may have.



~Long Ashes to you.

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