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Fantasia Candy Cane

Today I will be reviewing Fantasias Candy Can Tobacco.

Set up used:  Chinese Hookah










Coals:  Quick Light, Three Kings (no natural coals at the moment)

This is one of my favorite flavors made by Fantasia, like all other Fantasia flavors it is very juicy and has a high content of flavoring.








The flavor hits right away, after 10 minutes or so the smoke volume is great, nice and thick.  The flavor across the tounge while drawing in the smoke is just like sucking on a candy cane, followed by a nice cooling down your throat, with exhale you get the same flavor and no nasty sugary aftertaste like you do with some flavors.








The other great thing I love about Fantasia line is how the juice will flow into the vase and give you an added flavor when the smoke draws through the water. It is also a great “Mixer” add to any flavor for a nice cooling effect.

Smoke Time: Mostly solo- 1 hour

Flavor: 8

Smoke: 8

Buzz: 7-8 (Got up when wife got home and had to sit back down)

Large quantity purchase?  Hell to the ya


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