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Puros Indios LE Viejo










Wrapper – 10 year aged Ecuador Sumatra

Binder – Ecuador Sumatra

Filler – Dominican Republic, Nicaragua & Brazil

Size- 7 1/2 x 47

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

Cut Method- Dual blade grip

This cigar has a nice rich chocolate wrapper with some hints of marbling through out.  The wrap is very tight and shows a lot of texture. The pre light draw had a natural tobacco flavor and a slight nuttiness.

After the light:

Method- TriFlame Tourch

Started off with a sweetness and leathery with a pretty tough draw, but with the size of this cigar I expected this. There is a touch of pepper to it through the first 1/2, it then falls out and the sweet tobacco flavor comes through more and has an added nuttiness to it.  The draw fixed itself with in the first third, no troubles with the burning, no touch ups needed. I would consider this a medium cigar.

Ash length- 2.5 inches

Flavor- 6.0

Draw- 6.0

Construction- 8.0

Appearance- 8.0

Box Worthy? I picked up a 5 pack for $1.00 a stick, well worth the buck.  I would not get a box, but I will be buying other sizes to try out.



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Alec Bradley- Select Cabinet Reserve

Wrapper: Honduran Trojes
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Made In: Honduras
Size: 5×50 Robusto

Age: 2 months

Smoking Location- Back yard, beautiful night.

Cut Method- Dual blade grip

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

This is a very nice looking cigar with a wrapper dark brown in color and is very oily.  The band is rather large but looks very nice. There is also a secondary band on the foot that states Select Cabinet Reserve. The smell is sweet and spicy with a bit of fresh cut hay to it.  I tend to get this from most AB cigars. The pre light draw has spice, and chestnuts.

After the light:

Method- TriFlame Tourch

Lit nice and even, producing a nice thick cloud almost blue in color. The burn is nice and even with a gray ash, almost chunky is appearance. The first third of the cigar is heavy spice with earthiness, but has a sweet side to it.  After a couple minutes the spice died down and the sweetness picked up. Towards the middle the spice was almost completely gone, still sweet and I started noticing a nice leather, and no hay like I was expecting.  The last bit of the cigar changed again and lost the leather, the sweetness and earthy stayed through the end. Over all a complex cigar.

Ash length- 2 inches

Flavor- 7.0

Draw- 8.0

Construction- 8.0

Appearance- 8.0

Box Worthy? I would surely jump on a box if I found the right price.

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Gurkha- Centurian










Wrapper: Connecticut wrapper                                                                                                          Binder/Filler: Dominican                                                                                                                         Size: 6 x 60                                                                                                                                                 Age: Few months                                                                                                                               Smoking Location- Ghetto Smoke Shack                                                                                                  Cut Method- Dual Blade

Pre-Smoke & Construction:  Bumpy, rough, lots of veins. Smells of Earth, slight chocolate and bits of coffee

Pre Draw: Slight spice, with hints of chocolate

Method- 3 flame torch

Very rich first pull, with an almost mossy type taste (or what I would imagine moss tasting like) with a hint of spice.  The draw is horrid the first 1/3 (poker after every 3rd draw).  The earthy flavored continued on through the middle half of the stick, then turned to a woody/coffee like flavor with great rich smoke.

The draw has not gotten better.  Last half, continued the woody flavor but more coffee with hints of chocolate. I wanted to toss this to the side after the frustrating draw, but finished it and was glad I did for the flavor profile. The last section was very rich and creamy. I think the draw is due to the shape of the stick.

Ash length- 1.5

Flavor- 7

Draw- 4

Construction- 5

Appearance- 8.0

Box Worthy?  No, but I would not hesitate to pick up a single stick here and there.


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You Choose!!!

Well I figured I would let you choose what cigar to review today.  I will keep the voting open until 5:00 P.M Central.

Choices are

CAO America


Gurkha Centurian



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Hello World

I will be making my first post with in the next day.  Please do not hesitate to leave any comments, I would love to hear your thoughts and any constructive criticism you may have.



~Long Ashes to you.

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